Amber Magnolia Hill

23 Nov Amber Magnolia Hill

HarvestHappyAmber was born and raised in Northern California, immersed since childhood in the lakes and rivers of the High Sierra that she now shares with her own daughter. A mind opening experience at age 16 set her on a lifelong quest to understand universal consciousness, individual meaning, and the sacredness of the human body.

A degree in Religious Studies was only the beginning of a journey that has brought her into the worlds of herbal medicine, ancestry work, psychedelic healing, conscious dying and natural death care, birth, motherhood, and women’s wellness, float tanks, sacred sexuality, and empowered sisterhood in the age of social media.

She lives in Grass Valley, CA, where she wildcrafts plants, makes and sells herbal medicine, writes blog posts and possible future book chapters, and spends as much time as possible reading in bed, hanging out with women friends, and floating in water.

Amber will be sharing Ancestral Herbalism and Walking the Medicine Path

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