Sophia Rose

27 Nov Sophia Rose

IMG_8260Sophia Rose is softness + strength. She is fierce and loving honesty, quiet curiosity. She is a woman who listens closely to the singing of the Earth’s Spirit and shares the beauty of all that she hears in her work as a Folk Healer and Herbalist. In the tradition of the Traveling Medicine Show, Sophia Rose is the proprietress of La Abeja Herbs, a nomad’s apothecary, bringing herbal medicine, magic, and lore to places both near and far.  Through La Abeja, Sophia Rose offers regular classes on traditional skills and wild medicine, handcrafts a line of apothecary goods, and holds space for healing through various ceremonies and consultations. At this year’s Spirit Weavers Gathering, Sophia is delighted and humbled by the opportunity to attend both the Sun and Moon Sessions where she will be sharing many of the teachings most precious to her, including //

Pine Needle Basket Weaving
Wild Edible + Medicinal Plants
Herbs For The Feminine Heart
+ Sacred Moontime Rituals

Visit La Abeja Herbs to learn more about Sophia Rose.